Bunker Hill Golf Course 2009 Club Championship Championship Stories

Four of the craziest golf club championship stories

Bunker Hill Golf Course 2009 Club Championship

Winning a club championship is one of the best feelings a golfer can have at his or her local club. As the champion, you are the best golfer at the club (at least for a year). We did some research to find some of the best club championship stories and highlight a few of those stories below. Winning your club championship is very special and should be celebrated at the local club, within your state, and more importantly on a national level to see who the best club champion is in the country. Here are some of our favorite club championship stories.

Mike (Lake Club Benoni Club Championship 2019) – Perhaps international club championships are a little more intense than in the US. An article written by Andrew Joseph titled “A brutal fight erupts after golfer is accused of cheating in club championship”, highlights a club champion named Mike getting in a fight with a man who accused him of cheating during the club championship. This story is worth the watch given the fight is captured on video.

Roy Vomastek (Crystal Downs Club Championship in 2010) – Roy Vomastek is a 78-year-old humble, small-town doctor with a refreshingly simple outlook on life and golf. In 2010, Roy defeated his son to win the club championship at Crystal Downs Golf Club. This is more than just an underdog story given Roy has a big heart, even bigger belief in luck. His story has been turned into a book called Roy which highlights the improbable run in the 2010 Club Championship at one of the greatest courses in the world, Dr. Alister MacKenzie’s famed Crystal Downs Country Club.

Roy Vomasteck

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Arlene McKitrick (95 Club Championships won) – If you are a female golfer at any of Arlene’s clubs, I would recommend just sitting out the club championship. You are reading the headline correct, that Arlene has 95 club championships under her belt. By the writing of this piece in 2020, Arlene probably has his the 100 mark since the story of her club championship dominance was first reported by Alex Myers of Golf Digest in 2012 with the story, “Is it possible to win too many club championships?”. Over the last 35 year Arlene has racked up a lot of titles. The coolest part of this story is that she did not start playing golf until she was 30 which gives hope to any of us who have not yet won a club championship tournament.

Arlene McKitrick Club Champion

Donald Trump (Trump International 2018) – When a president wins the club championship, it will certainly make headlines. Unfortunately for Donald Trump, he did not even play in the 2018 championship at his own club, but somehow is the 2018 champion. This is an interesting story which was written by Michael Bamberger on golf.com and titled “President Trump won a 2018 club championship — without actually playing in it!”. I wish I could win a club championship just for showing up!

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