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Events for Golf Club Champions

Winning a club championship at your home course is a great feeling and the pinnacle of golf achievements for many who win. Many club champions have won 5, 10, or even 20 times at their course so taking their championship winning mentality to the next level is important through USGA events nationally. Even before you get to the USGA, many state golf associations run state-wide amateur events and 8 states have “Champion of Champions” event which are annual invite-only tournaments that invite the club champions from across the state to compete. For those of you interested in playing at the next level beyond your club championship, below is a list of events for golf club champions.

California – If you live in Cali, the Southern California Golf Association hosts tournament of Champions event annually each December and has been doing so since 1986.

Connecticut – This state is unique because they run two different events for golf club champions. The Connecticut PGA Section runs a pro-am event for champions and their PGA Professionals in October each year. The Connecticut State Golf Association also runs a 1-day tournament of champions in September each year and 2020 was the 15th year for the event.

Illinois – Park Ridge Country Club in Illinois administers an annual Tournament called the Champion of Champions in September for Chicago area club champions. The event started in 1933 and gets help from the CDGA with the event.

Iowa – One of longest running tournament of champions in it’s 62nd year, Atlantic Golf and Country Club in Iowa hosts a 3-day tournament of champions each August. Learn more about the Iowa Golf Championship

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Missed your state tournament of champions? Check out the National Club Championship

Michigan – Since 1984, the Golf Association of Michigan has been running a tournament of champions which is a 1-day event that takes place in October each year.

Oregon – For 76 years, the Oregon State Golf Association has been running a Tournament of Champions. Unfortunately the 76th annual event was cancelled this year due to COVID, but congrats to Oregon on being the pioneer for hosting events for golf club champions.

South Carolina – Since 1997, annually in January, the South Carolina Golf Association has been hosting a tournament of champions event at TPC Myrtle Beach

Washington – Since 2009, Washington Golf has been hosting a tournament of champions event in their state during the month of October.

Is there a golf club champion event we are missing in your community? Email Kris at and we would be more than happy to share and celebrate any club champion events going on in your state. Don’t worry, if there are not club champion events in your state, you can still be invited to the PGA’s annual National Club Championship. The event is sold out for 2021, but 2020 club champions interested in playing can join the tournament waitlist.