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4 Traits of a Golf Club Champion

Golfers who win their club championship are known as the best players in the club. Besides winning the coveted trophy and award for being a club champion like the parking spot or name on the wall in the clubhouse, many club champions follow a recipe to get to the top of their game. Below highlight a few traits of a golf club champion we have seen when speaking and surveying club champions from around the country.

Club Champions take instruction – In a recent survey of over 300 club champions, we asked do you regularly take instructor or lessons with a PGA golf professional? Over 50% of champions said that they take lessons with a PGA Professional. The National Golf Foundation stated in 2019 over 4 million golfers took lesson which represents about 17% of the golf population. If you are looking to become a club champion, perhaps finding a PGA Professional to take lessons is the help you need to take your game to the next level.

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It’s all in the name – After analyzing data from over 3500 amateur golfers who won their club championship in 2020, below highlights the most common champion names. If you want to win your club championship, you could always change your name.

Women’s Champions# of ChampsMen’s Champions# of Champs
Lisa17Matt or Chris43

Consistent practice– Golf club champions are not shy about going out to the golf course. Although we do not have any statistical data about how many rounds of golf a club champion plays compared to the average golfer, we do know that champions are known to be at the course often either playing or practicing. Becoming a club champion takes a lot of work physically and mentally. Many champions have shared stories with us about their championship wins after attempting to win for years. Tournament golf is much different than the casual round and it’s very rare that a club champion will win the event on his or her first time playing in the event due to home course knowledge and course management. One common trait among golf club champions is consistent practice.

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Luck and timing make a big difference – Some golfers peak early in life and others peak during their senior years. Some champions play well early in the season or early in the day, where others put together their best golf right before the season ends. After analyzing club championship data from all around the country we have seen club champions from 11 years old to 82 years old. Some championships take place in January whereas some clubs hold their championships in late November. It doesn’t matter how old you are or where you are from, champions need a little bit of luck on their side and the championship dates fall during the time when your game is at a peak level. It may not be the best trait of a golf club champion to rely on luck, but sometimes we time it right and your game peaks around the time of your club championship.

We hope you enjoyed this article on traits of a golf club champion. If you are looking to become a club champion, taking lessons and guidance from PGA Professionals is the first step in improving your game. Find a PGA golf coach near you