Championship Stories

Why Club Champions Have A Mental Game Plan

Keeping secrets to oneself is one way to outsmart the competition, but the reality for golfers is that a strong mental game and mantra to follow is necessary to win any golf tournament. The hardest part about a strong mental game is that for each person, the winning secret sauce is different since we all have things going on in our lives on and off the course. We will highlight a couple of examples below on how to build a strong mental game that can be used to win any golf tournament, especially the most important events such as a local club championship or PGA’s National Club Championship, a competition for club champions from all 50 states!

Tim Pilgrim, an amateur golfer and 2021 Club Champion from Maplewood Golf Course in Renton, WA used his father Steve’s passing during the week of his club championship to strengthen his mental game and help him get the win. When you lose a loved one, the mental strength in all of us is deflated and makes it hard to do anything, nevermind win a 3-day competitive club championship event. Tim said that after his father’s passing, his mother encouraged him to play in the event and “win it for dad”. On the way to the course each day, Tim played his father’s favorite music and throughout the entire tournament Tim’s mental energy and focus was around “win it for dad”. After 53 holes of competition Tim sat on the 18th hole with a 3 shot lead in the Club Championship. He knew that a good drive would seal up the win. After hitting a dead straight tee shot, Tim weeped and knew he had won. On the 18th green 30+ competitors embraced and cherished Tim’s moment. Dad was there with Tim all weekend watching from above. Tim has won 6 club championships at Maplewood, but said this one was the most important to him. There is a lot to be learned about Tim’s story because sometimes having a simple focus in an event, especially a non-golf focus, brings out the best in us. Next time you are in a competitive event, have a simple, non-golf swing thought. 

Imagine Golf, a leading Mental Game App for golf provides stories, lessons, mantas, thoughts and affirmations for players of all abilities. Personally, I learn a lot from listening when I am preparing for a competitive event. Imagine Golf helps golfers by hearing positive thoughts and coming into a tournament with the right mindset. Whether you are looking to listen to lessons from some of golf’s greatest players like Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus, dig deep into mental game books from authors like Harvey Penick, or just want a free, daily positive thought for your golf game, Imagine Golf has it all. The most important lesson you could learn from this article is that we all need a mental game plan or manta to win championships. If you are only focused on your swing and physical game, your uphill climb to winning a club championship is much more difficult.  In this regard, Imagine Golf can help you think better and play better.