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Nextgengolf opportunities for Club Champions

The first ever PGA National Club Championship was an amazing event at Pinehurst Resort hosted by Nextgengolf, a subsidiary of the PGA of America. Nextgengolf was acquired by the PGA in April of 2019 and has three business lines that help grow the game of golf in different areas providing a path for amateur golfers to compete from high school to college and beyond. 


City Tour

Did you know that you can play Whistling Straits 3 weeks before the Ryder Cup? The City Tour hosts weekend golf tournaments for amateur golfers 21+ in 28 major cities throughout the country. These co-ed, team based events give the opportunity to choose between scramble and best ball formats making it inviting for all skill levels. This year there will be approximately 100 local tournaments, all of which act as a qualifier for the City Tour Championship which will be held at Whistling Straits, 3 weeks prior to the Ryder Cup. There are no handicaps required and you can sign up as a team (4-6 players) or a free agent and we will pair you up. Most teams are groups of friends, co-workers, or club members who team up to represent their golf facility. Check out the local schedule to find tournaments near you to get a chance to be one of the last groups to play Whistling Straits before the pro’s.



The NCCGA (National Collegiate Club Golf Association) provides the opportunity for anyone to play college golf. Whether you attend your dream school or a small local university, over 400 schools have club golf teams that compete in both the spring and fall. Over 93% of high school golfers will not play varsity college golf at any level. Club golf provides every student at any school the opportunity to play and compete. Each season has local tournaments that teams and individuals can compete in leading up to each semester’s National Championship. All swings are welcome in club golf regardless of skill, location or gender. Even if your school does not have a club golf team, students can play as individuals. 



There are over 220,000 high school golfers who play nationally each year. The NHSGA (National High School Golf Association) provides national high school golf rankings, showcases tournament results, playing opportunities and provides access to unbiased information on college recruiting, junior golf, coaching, and equipment discounts. The NHSGA also hosts the annual High School Golf National Invitational which showcases the top high school golfers from across the country – Public or private. Small or large. All high school state championship teams, individuals, and their families are welcome at the Invitational. Beyond help for high school golfers and their parents, the NHSGA provides education, events, and conference for high school golf coaches too. 


To learn more about what Nextgengolf has to offer for amateur golfers, please visit, or reach out to Matt Weinberger at