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The best awards for winning a club championship

Winning a club championship means you are the best player at your golf course for the next 12 months. It’s pretty cool to be known as the club champ and you get a lot of respect from the other players at the course. Beyond just being recognized for your achievement and getting your name up on “the wall” or board in the clubhouse forever, some golf courses provide some really special awards for winning a club championship. Check out some of the best awards we have found for winning a club championship

The Wrestling Belt – Not sure this would be a good thing to wear when taking a swing on the course, but it is pretty fun to feel like you are part of the WWE when you win your club championship.
The Parking Spot – Now this prize is pretty darn good as long as the parking spot is not too close to a hole near the clubhouse where your car could be the prime spot for an arrant golf ball. Question, does the club champion get to take the sign home after 12 months to put it up at his or her house?
The Locker – It’s pretty cool if you get a special name plate on your locker which recognizes your club championship achievement. Not all courses have locker rooms, but this is a pretty cool award for winning the club championship.
The Plaque – If you have a memorable of enough shot or do something extraordinary on the course, the ultimate award for winning a club championship might just be a plaque in the ground where you did the unthinkable.
The Pin Flag – This is a pretty classy move that Wilmington Island does by having special flags for the club championship. Perhaps they should get numbers on them too and give our the flags at the end of the championship based on what place you come in
The Ring – Although I have never seen anyone with a club championship ring, this would be an interesting prize to win.
The Bag Tag – Not a great prize but cool if you can win multiple championship and be the only person with nice metal bag tags clanking around.
The Watch – Although this is a Championship watch for basketball, it would be pretty cool if a golf course issued a championship watch. Perhaps this article will encourage some golf course out there to be the first!