Championship Stories

The Top 5 Golf Club Championship Trophies

Winning a club championship usually comes with a prize. Sometimes the prize is your name up on the wall which will be there forever. Sometimes you get the “club champion” front row parking spot at the course. At some courses, it’s all about the trophy. After looking through pictures of club champions around the world, we wanted to highlight the top 5 club championship trophies. Does your club have a great trophy? Send us picture to the PGA Club Champ Instagram Account.

At approximately 3.5 ft tall, this club champ trophy certainly has the length to be in the top 5. Good think the club champion holding the beast is strong enough to hold it up!

The Longshore Club Champion trophy earns credit in the top 5 based on the traditional look and replica of the Claret Jug which is awarded to the winner of The Open Championship each year.

Hollytree Golf Course earns credit in the top 5 given the size of the jug. Over/under 30 beers could be poured into this glass?

Stonebrook get credit in the top 5 for the classyness of the gold and silver on the cup. Shouldn’t the presenter of the women’s club championship trophy be wearing white gloves not a white linen shirt?

We round out the top 5 with East Ridge Golf Club’s Championship Trophy. This trophy is versatile. The small part on the bottom could be a multi-purpose running trophy and the wood/metal mix can provide not just a trophy, but a dog toy or perhaps firewood if necessary.